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A Specialist Task Force is made up of experts working on specific deliverables, under the control and leadership of the reference ETSI Body. Further information on the ETSI STFs can be found under [Services Index]. By clicking on the STF title you will access:

Summarized information.

Links to the list of STF contacts.

The latest STF ToR.

STF Short description.

List of related Work Items.

Clicking on "Back" will drive you back to the main STF window. Full STF search can be done by clicking on the "Search all" button. Three search criteria can be used and combined (using the Ctrl key):

STF code.

Body/Sub-Groups(Sub-Groups are included by default).

STF Status.

  • ACTIVE STF is working
  • CANCELLED STF has been cancelled
  • CLOSED STF is closed
  • FINISHED Work finished,waiting for final comments
  • WAITING LIST Waiting list
  • BOARD APPROV BOARD approved creation of the STF
  • CFE Call For Expert
  • PREPARATION Preparatory Meeting and STF Setup
  • TB REQUESTED Bold textTB requested creation of the STF

After a click on the "Search" button, the current selection will be displayed. A click on the STF title will reveal the detailed window. It is possible to reset the selection and start a new one.