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Remote Consensus Application - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I quicly access the comments of a contribution under Remote Consensus?

Click on the RC name on the portal. You will see the list of contribution(s) under RC. Click then on the hammer icon.

How can I post a comment?

Once in the contribution's Remote Consensus tab, click on "Comment" and enter your comments.

Can I upload a file containing my comments?

Comments/oppositions cannot be submitted by uploading a file. They must be entered in the box provided in the Remote Consensus tab.

Can I add multiple contributions at once to one RC?

Yes, hold the key CTRL and select all the contributions. Then click on "Add".

What are these hammer icons in the contribution application?

These icon identifies contributions that are under Remote Consensus and their status.

Here are the different icons:

Hammer arrow icon.PNG: Contribution(s) under an ongoing Remote Consensus.

Hammer only icon.PNG: Remote Consensus has ended and results have been ratified or reviewed.

Hammer cross icon.PNG: Contribution(s) under Remote Consensus has been removed/aborded.

Why are some icons greyed out in the RC portlet

These greyed out icons (Grey icons.PNG) mean that you are not logged in the portal. You cannot open the Remote Consensus nor post your comment. To fully benefit the portal tools, please remember to log in on the top right corner of the portal.

Can I add contributions from other TBs or WGs in my RC?

You may only add contributions that are from your TB or WG(s). You may not mix contributions from the parent TB and the WG(s). There should be one Remote Consensus for each TB or WG.

Who can create a RC?

TB/WG Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary and TB support staff can create a Remote Consensus. Note: A TB Chairman may create a RC for its WGs also. A WG Chairman may not create a RC for the parent TB.

How do I monitor comments on a contrib under RC?

You can monitor the contribution(s) that are under RC. Click on "Monitor" in the Remote Consensus tab of the contribution.

You will receive a report by email, each time a comment is posted or an opposition is raised. You may un-subscribe at any time following the same procedure.

Why is a contribution labelled as "no show" in a remote consensus?

A contribution will be noted as "no-show" if it has not been made available before the start of the Remote Consensus.

Can a Remote Consensus be stopped after it started?

A Remote Consensus cannot be stopped after it has started. However, contributions can still be removed after RC started; this action can be done by the TB/WG Chairman, Vice-Chairman,, Secretary or TB Support staff.

Can I subscribe to a RC report?

By default, the TB/WG members will get notified weekly of the main events of the RC (start, end, ratify) via the exploder list.

Can I oppose more than once to a contribution's approval?

You may oppose to a contribution's approval, clear your opposition and oppose again later on with maybe different motives. However, you may not oppose more than once in row; you will have to clear your opposition first (with justification) in order to oppose again.

I changed my mind, can I remove my opposition?

You may clear your opposition in the RC by clicking on "Clear my opposition". Please note that you cannot remove completely your opposition, it will appear in the comments/oppositions history that you opposed/cleared your opposition.

Is there a mininum duration for a Remote Consensus?

The duration of the Remote Consensus is at the TB/WG Chairman's discretion and in regards to the Technical Body needs. There are however certain duration to respect depending on the RC content (For example: 30 days for a Draft approval; days for a meeting report; etc.)