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The ETSI Publications service allows you to view for the selected week, the deliverables which have been:

  • Published.
  • Sent on Public Enquiry.
  • Sent on One-step Approval Procedure, Vote or Member Vote.

In other words, each week you can use this service to view the documents which have most recently been made publicly available by ETSI. You can also use it to view the archives for the last 6 months.

The service exists in 2 forms, covering either:

  • The whole of ETSI when displaying the Portal home page.
  • Your chosen Body after having selected an ETSI Body and/or Sub-Groups.

The default selection is the current week and you can use the drop-down menu provided to select another week if desired (both the week number and dates are displayed). Additionally the - and + buttons on the far right of the service may be used to move up or down within the menu. When you have selected the desired week please press the "Ok" button and the results are displayed beneath as a set of links indicating how many documents have been (e.g. published during that week).

Clicking on one of the links will lead you to a screen which shows more details of the individual documents, together with the possibility of:

  • Free download of the PDF version of the document.
  • Viewing the relevant record in the ETSI Work Programme database.

Note: The publications service is not applicable for certain ETSI Bodies (Board, ETSAG, FC, GA, OCG and SAGE).