NGPP Version 1.1

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  • Bug - Related Work Items are missing from search criteria
  • Bug - Year is missing from search criteria
  • Bug - Invalid Characters in Contribution Title can cause server Error
  • Bug - When creating a NWI contribution, the number of characters allowed in WI reference is 13. However, some joint WG need 19 characters.
  • Evolution - When creating a new contribution, the Source shall be prefilled with current user's organisation
  • Evolution - When choosing a source and selecting TB source type, current TB of the contribution should be pre-selected
  • Evolution - There should be only one generic contribution template, and when the contribution is of type CR, LSin, or NWI, then a second specific sub-template should be appended to the generic contribution template.

Meeting calendar

  • Evolution - Contributing from Meeting Calendar application should preselect the meeting
  • Evolution - A “Contribute” button shall be added in the meeting calendar portlet

Latest Drafts

  • Bug - the C button to contribute a draft shall not be visible if the draft has not yet been uploaded in Latest Drafts


  • Bug - Publications portlet is not visible under ISGs

Meeting Folders

  • Bug - When using meeting reference to build the meeting name, special characters should be removed from the folder name.


  • Bug - There is a loss of authentication credit after a certain period