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Getting started - How to use the Contributions tool on the Portal

! Only users logged on the Portal can reserve/upload contributions!

(To request an ETSI on-line account)

  • Once logged on, select the relevant group, e.g. for Technical Committee “DECT”:
  • Select the tab “Contributions”

Identify the contribution type

Under the New contribution drop-down list there are several types of contributions available


The information for the types New Draft and New WI Proposal / Description are explained separately in this Helpfile. Select here below:

Create a contribution type: Other Contribution

Create a contribution type: New WI Proposal / Description

Create a contribution type: New Draft

Revision of existing contributions

Create contribution type: Other Contribution


This type of contribution (Other Contribution) is typically used for PowerPoint presentations, supporting material and analysis.

  • Click on Other Contribution in the dropdown menu

NOTE: The information for the type Other Contribution in this Helpfile is also valid for the contribution types Change Request, Liaison Statement IN, Liaison Statement OUT, Meeting Agenda and Meeting Report.

Other Contribution - General tab


Under the General tab the mandatory fields are marked with a red star *.

  • Title *: The title given will be used as the name of the uploaded file
  • Type *: Other Contribution is pre-selected
  • from Source *: By default the logged-in user
    • To modify the Source:
    • Click on Change(a pop-up Manage Source opens - see next page in this Helpfile by clicking on Next)
  • Abstract: Complementary document information can be added in this field.

4 different types of Source are available:


Organisation(s): Only active ETSI members/participants will be displayed

ETSI committee(s): Active ETSI Technical Body/Industry Specification Group/Working Group

Roles: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Rapporteur, WG/TG Chairman, ETSI Secretariat, ETSI Director-General, Other

Other: Free text describing a role not matching one of the above categories

NOTE: There can be more than one Source for a contribution (example: company A, company B, and company C, but all of the same type).

  • Use the Filter, the Add button and the Done button to select the appropriate criteria
  • Enter or modify the information as appropriate


  • Main Contact *: The logged-in user
  • Additional contact info: If applicable
  • Input for Committee *: The TB, ISG or WG is automatically set, but can be changed
  • Contribution for *:
    Discussion or
Select the appropriate one

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