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1st April 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.2 Build 1 : STF web applications

  • Timesheet improvement:
    • Display of the task description
    • Days with the status “PLANNED” can be updated when they are passed.
    • List of experts appears in the alphabetical order of their names (home page and reporting list)
    • Conservation of the filtered timesheets list when click on back button
    • Correction of the total timesheet days in the timesheet list
  • STF and TB portlets’ improvement:
    • Alignment of the STF search engine
    • Active STFs displayed by default
    • Dedicated button to access [STFs Archives]

26th March 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.2 Build 1 : Contribution

  • Enhancements:
    • "Full View" Improved used of filters
    • “Full View”, “Quick Access”: List of Meetings and/or Communities (groups) only loaded when expanded

19th February 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 3 : Timesheet and Online Application Form

  • Improvement:
    • Timesheet: reporting display.
    • Online Application Form: organization activity field length increased.

04th February 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 3 : Voting tool

  • Enhancements:
    • Voting tool unified for TB, GA and BOARD.
    • Includes single sign-on from the portal.
    • Ability for a voting contact to vote for all companies he/she's contact for.
    • Reviewed display of results

21st January 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 2 : Timesheet

  • Enhancement:
    • Timesheet loading performance improvement.

12th January 2015 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 2 : Release of the ETSI STF application set

  • Enhancements:
    • Upgrade of the STF Time Allocation Management (Timesheets).
    • Upgrade of the STF Travel management.
    • New Call for Experts (CfE) application available.
    • STF portlet layout and content update.

30th June 2014 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 2 : Menu bar

  • Maintenance:
    • Menu bar has been updated

30th April 2014 - ETSI Portal 2.1 Build 1 : Password Management & Standards Search

  • Enhancements:
    • Publication Download Area menu has been removed. Standards search shall now be done from ETSI web site
    • News Portlet added to TB home page and Portal home page
    • Change Password and Reset Password modules enhanced

11th February 2014 - ETSI Portal 2.0: Tabbed display

  • Enhancements:
    • Display of applications in separate tabs
      • Home (General information, Email archives, Officials, STF)
      • Meetings
      • Contributions
      • Work Programme (WI monitoring, WPHV)
      • Drafts (Latest drafts)
      • Remote Consensus
      • Actions

6th February 2013 NGPP 1.5 Build 1: Contributions enhancements

  • Enhancements:
    • Reworked portlet to allow more efficient sorting and filtering options.
      • Default sort order changed to Reservation date descending
      • Ability to sort by all columns
      • Ability to include or not the Working Groups
      • Ability to filter by year
    • Contribution details view
      • Ability to navigate through list of contributions
      • Ability to step to another contribution by searching for its UID
    • Enhanced upload control
    • Various minor User Interface modifications.
  • Maintenance:
    • Remote Consensus: Increased font size in notifications
    • Meeting calendar: iCal adapted to 3GPP meetings
    • Meeting calendar: Popup to confirm un-registration from portlet
    • Meeting calendar: Ability to download GA Specific CSV for GA Meetings

4th February 2013 - NGPP 1.4 Build 6: Remote Consensus enhancements

  • Enhancements:
    • Reworked notification messages, to be more readable/useful.
    • Reworked portlet to display information on each contribution in remote consensuses.
    • Various minor User Interface & state machine modifications.

9th January 2013 - NGPP 1.4 Build 5: Meeting Calendar enhancements

  • Enhancements:
    • Rework of the meeting calendar portlet
    • Rework of the registration information
    • Integration of different meeting types (face-to-face, conferences or both)
    • New link to Advanced query on the portlet
  • Introduction of new features:
    • Easy upload of the meeting invitations and details
    • Ability for external users to register to meetings (if allowed by meeting settings)
    • Management of participants presence type and status
    • Handling of registration of non-ETSI members
    • iCal reminders to add meetings to mail client calendars
    • Ability to send emails to registered participants via the application

3th October 2012 NGPP 1.4 Build 4: New Work Item & Latest Drafts enhancements

  • Enhancements on the New Work Item proposal
    • Dynamic check of the Work Item proposal. New feature on the top right corner of the proposal to check automatically if NWI proposal is complete (mouse over with instructions).
    • Deliverable type is now a mandatory field to create the NWI proposal.
    • PWI reference number is simplified to "PWI_TBName_YY_sequencenumber_version".
    • The requested WI reference field is automatically pre-filled with the next number available.
    • Possibility to make available the NWI proposal in 1 click when complete.
    • Possibility to progress accepted WIs on WG level to the TB parent for approval in 1 click.
    • Autocomplete menu for the Rapporteur field.
  • Enhancements on the Latest Drafts application
    • Automatic path attribution for the first draft version.
    • Draft tab in the contribution contains the Work Item details.
    • Progress bar while drafts download.
    • Ability to contritube uplaoded draft in 1 click.
    • Expandable list of all versions for Work Items with more than one version.
    • Possibility to erase non-contributed versions from the portlet (staff reserved).

14th April 2012 - NGPP 1.4 Build 3: Access Control & State Machine enhancements

  • Simplification of Access Rights

Any user can now EDIT, UPLOAD or REVISE a contribution even if he's not its main contact. In such a case, a notification e-mail is sent to the main contact.

  • Navigation enhancements

Upon login, the user is not redirected to the portal home page anymore but stays on current page.

  • State Machine modifications

It is now possible to withdraw a Revised contribution.

  • Remote Consensus notifications

In notifications, hyperlinks were added to point to contribution details.

29th February 2012 NGPP 1.4 Build 2: New features added to the contribution application

  • Late contribution threshold

This feature allows to flag as "Late" any contribution reserved or uploaded after a defined Late Threshold Date. This information only exists for contribution allocated to a meeting.

  • Block Reservation

Contribution "Block Reservation" is a functionality that allows to pre-reserve a range of contributions for a targeted meeting by re-using and copying the general fields/information (title, source, …) of existing contributions from previous meetings. This will typically be used when TB meetings have a recurring pattern for their first n contributions (invitation, agenda, IPR call, Status of WPM, WG reports, etc).

  • VIP Mode

Only active TB support staff and active Officials of the concerned TB have Write access to the Contribution objects of a community for which the "VIP mode" has been enabled, other users have Read access only i.e. Board and General Assembly.

30th November2011 - NGPP 1.4 Build 1: Additional enhancements to the Contribution application

  • Evolution of the Contribution numbering scheme

Starting from 2012 contributions and for contributions created in 2011 and attached to a 2012 meeting the new numbering scheme will be as the following:

                                               TBName(YY)XXXZZZ --> <CommunityId>(YY)<MeetingID><contribSeqNb>

Meeting ID: optional can be defined to reflect the Meeting reference. Otherwise for the Comittees who wish to keep the yearly contributions numbering scheme, THEN the XXX will be set to 000


IF Meeting ID defined THEN starts at 1 until last contribution linked to this meeting is reserved and/or <ReservationEndDate> is reached

IF Meeting ID not defined THEN the contribution numbering system takes over and allocates an automatic yearly numbering scheme

  • Contributions can be assigned to several meetings
  • Contributions assigned to a meeting and postponed to another meeting will keep its UID origin
  • Possibility to set Reservation Start and End Dates with the option to block upload outside of the reservation range
  • The Contribution File Name can now be changed in the contribution detailed view.

20th October 2011 - NGPP 1.3 Build 5: Ergonomics enhancements

Changes to the portal screen

  • New contribution link allows to choose the type from the portlet
  • A new search box allows you to enter text and perform search on titles, contacts, and sources of the contributions.

Contribution list Main Screen

  • New quick access panel divided in 3 parts
    • Access to saved queries
    • Access to contributions which have been linked to recent, on-going and future meetings
    • Access to contributions associated to preferred committees
  • NEW: Simple/Advanced search panels
  • UPDATED: Enhanced contribution list
    • Statuses and UID are now displayed in different colours depending on their status
    • The most usual actions are now displayed as Icons
  • UPDATED: “New contribution” button which unfolds allowing to choose the type of contribution

Contribution details Windows

  • Reviewed to match with the look and feel of the contribution cover page
  • The main contact for a contribution is now a single person and you can retrieve his contact details by clicking on the link.
  • The related WIs tab has been replaced by in line information display..