WPHV portlet

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The new Work Plan Hierarchical View portlet is available for each TB/WG and displays Work plans for selected group(s) in the body selector.


List of Hierarchical Work Plan (WPHV)

The following information is displayed in the list of Hierarchical Work plans:

Name: Committee to which the work plan belongs to and title of the Work Plan

Owner: Name of the creator/Owner(s) of the Work Plan

Visibility: at the creation, the user can indicate whether this work plan is public, private or restricted to a group of people

TBs: name of the committees concerned by this Work Plan

Description: Details of the Work Plan

Access to the WPHV application

To see the details of an existing Work Plan you need to click on the name of the work plan, and the system will drive you to the detailed view of the selected Work Plan.

Please refer to the WPHV Help Files for more information on the Work Plan Hierarchical View application.

To access the list of Work Plans in the application, click on the button "Full View", the system then opens the same list in the WPHV application:

Full view.JPG

To learn more on the features available in Full View mode, please visit the Full View mode help section.