Remote Consensus Portlet

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The remote consensus portlet is available for each TB/WG and displays remote consensuses for selected group(s) in the body selector.

New RC portlet view.png

List of Remote Consensuses

The following information is displayed in the list of remote consensuses:

- Portlet view details.png View details of a Remote Consensus
- Add contrib from portlet.png Add contributions to this Remote Consensus]]
- View report icon.png Access to the Report/Journal of the Remote Consensus
- The remote consensus reference, with link to the contributions.
- A quick access to the contributions under remote consensus.
- The title of the remote consensus
- The remote consensus start date.
- The remote consensus end date.
- The remote consensus status.

Access to the list of contributions in a Remote Consensus

The list of contributions under Remote consensus is visible by clicking on the + icon underneath the Remote Consensus reference.

It displays the number and reference of the contributions:

Fold out contrib list in RC.png

This allows to view at a glance the title of the contribution, the number of comments and/oppositions.

View the comments/oppositions and comment direclty from the Remote Consensus portlet

Click on the glasses icon next to the contributions.

A new window will open directly in the Remote Consensus tab of the contributions.