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The [Drafts] tab on ETSI portal displays the list of Active Work Items for Technical Committees, ISGs, or Working Groups, and their available drafts as uploaded by the rapporteurs. DraftsTab.png

A draft in this context is a version of a future publication currently being developed by the Technical Body (or ISG), it relates to the agreed scope of an active work item.

Latest Draft Screen Content

The screen shows the list of active work items and their associated drafts.

LDportlet delegate mode.PNG

The first row displays the count of active and non published work items found for the selected Group (e.g. "9 active, non published WIs found, displaying 1 to 9").

Then for each Work Item:

  • The following icons:
    • The View details icon: links to the details of the Work Item record in the work programme database.
    • The Update icon: to upload a new draft, to update the status of the latest draft, or to change target dates.
    • The Manage upload path icon: for ETSI staff to manage drafts upload path and folders.
  • The Work Item reference number (e.g. "DTR/MTS-00114-1") followed by the ETSI publication number (when already assigned).
  • The list of available drafts (if any), with for each version:
    • The Contribute draft icon: to contribute it to its TB/Working Group for discussion, or decision.
    • The Delete draft icon: to delete a draft. This cross only appears next to drafts which have never been contributed, i.e. never embedded in a contribution. Such non-contributed drafts may be deleted by ETSI staff.
    • The draft version, with a hyperlink to the draft file. To see previous versions, click on the Plus icon.PNG
    • Its associated status.
  • The second line displays the Work Item working title

Downloading drafts

When a draft has been uploaded for a work item, a download link is displayed under the version number. Login might be required to access the file.

Manage drafts

Uploading a new draft

After clicking on the Update icon icon, a pop-up will appear and prompt you for the following information:

  • The file to upload as latest draft
  • The version of the new draft (Vx.y.z) as it will appear on the portal
  • The new maturity status of the uploaded draft (early, stable, final).
  • Comments (optional)

Note also that the pop-up allows you to perform other tasks like:

  • Changing the maturity status of the last uploaded draft (eg: from stable to final)
  • Managing (changing) target dates for the Work Item milestones (depending on your role and access rights).

Upon successful upload, the confirmation window will display the path and filename of the uploaded draft and prompt the user to CONTRIBUTE the draft on-the-fly, i.e. to encapsulate the draft in a contribution and to make it available to the (Working-)Group as a meeting contribution.

Draft upload confirmation.png

After upload, the Work Item schedule in the workprogramme database gets updated : the "achieved date" for the selected maturity milestone is filled with the draft upload date and version. Any subsequent new version upload for the same maturity milestone will generate the insertions of a new line in the Work Item schedule with relevant achieved date and version.

Note: the upload facility is disabled for the work items that are under TB Approval or TB resolution, they are "Frozen". The Update icon icon appears only for logged users who have upload rights.

Manage drafts

Contributing a draft

In order to be discussed (or approved) at a meeting, a draft should be "contributed" to that meeting, i.e. embedded in a contribution for that meeting.

There are several ways to contribute an uploaded draft (full details here).

  1. immediately after upload by following the instruction on the upload confirmation window.
  2. at a later stage by clicking on the Contribute draft icon next to a draft version.

Changing the status of an available draft

When clicking on the Update icon icon, the upload pop-up will also allow some users (depending on their access rights) to update the maturity status of the last uploaded draft (eg: from Stable to Final draft).

When changing the status of an existing draft version, it is necessary to provide the following information:

  • targeted maturity milestone of the updated draft version
  • Comments (optional)

In the Work Programme schedule database, the corresponding achieved date for the targeted milestone is then updated with the current date.

If the targeted maturity milestone has already been marked as achieved, then a new schedule line is inserted with relevant achieved date and version.

Managing target dates for Work Item milestones

Only rapporteurs and Officials have the rights to modify the target dates of their Work Items. Rapporteurs can update target dates for maturity milestones, i.e. the “early draft”, “Stable Draft”, and “Final draft” target dates. Additionally, officials (Chair and Vice-Chairs) have the right to update the decision milestones: "WG approval", and "TB approval".

To do so click on the Update icon icon (same icon as to upload a new draft).

Then, from the the Manage drafts pop-up, click on the Manage target dates button

Manage drafts.png

A second pop-up window will open:

Manage target dates.png

The system will then let the user enter and save new target dates dates for the milestones.

Managing drafts upload path and folders

Upon upload, drafts are stored on DocBox, in a dedicated sub-folder of the Technical Body root path.

This folder is usually named "Drafts" or "70-Drafts".

The portal allows ETSI support staff (and Rapporteurs ?) to tune the way drafts are stored within that folder.

For each Work Item, it is possible to :

  • Create an optional sub-path which can be used to define a structure under the "Drafts" folder and to group WIs in sub-folders ( e.g. by release, by topic, by feature ...).
    Default value is empty
  • Create an optional WI folder where successive draft versions will be uploaded.
    Default value = Raw WI number
Manage WI path and folder icon
Manage WI path and folder icon

It is also possible to choose a flat structure: by configuring no sub-path and no WI-folder, all drafts and draft versions will be uploaded directly in the "Drafts" folder without any sub-structure.

This functionality is accessible via the Manage upload path icon which is visible on the Latest Draft application next to each Work Item reference.