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This service provides you with direct links to a Technical Bodies mailing list archives. It displays the most recent emails sent on the selected mailing list and allows you to view them. It also lets you answer them with your Web browser.

Note: Answering an email from the mail archive interface requests that you are subscribed to that mailing list and that you let the mailing list server install a cookie on your machine. Once identified you will also be able to use that interface to modify your own settings in the list.

You can use the service to:

  • 1.gif View and search the archive (view discussions that take place on lists that you are not subscribed to).
  • Windows-Join-Leave.gif Join or leave the email list.
  • Windows-option.gifChange your options.
  • Windows-post.gifPost to list (use the mail archives as a forum without receiving the emails in your mailbox).
  • Windows-Manage.gif Manage list (for owners only).

Why the service may not appear to work?

Some technical Bodies might have decided:

  • To have no mail archive.
  • To have their mailing lists archives restricted to list members only.
  • To have their mail archives password protected.
  • In the case that one or more of these alternatives apply, the mailing list archive might not be accessible to you.