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Why can’t I see the contents of the Action List portlet?

The message “This information is restricted to logged users” indicates that you need to own an ETSI online account to, at least, be able to consult Actions Items (AIs).

Why can’t I create an AI?

You need to hold TB Official or ETSI Support Staff role to be able to create an AI.

I own an ETSI online account, what can I do with the Action List application?

As an EOL account owner, you can add notes to AIs, search for AIs according to filters and save the resulting query links, subscribe to RSS feeds and export your selection to CSV format.

Why are all AIs not displayed either from the portlet or the full view?

Ensure that the “Active” and/or “Closed since” boxes are ticked or in the latter, that the shown date covers the completion date of AIs (default is -90 days).

Although I hold a TB Official or ETSI Support Staff role, I cannot update the details of an AI?

Verify that the status of the concerned AI is not set to “CANCELLED” or “COMPLETED”. To be able to update the details of an AI, the status shall first be set to “NEEDS-ACTION” or “IN-PROCESS”.

How can I know that an AI is new?

“N” is displayed next to the AI reference for a period of 30 days. The AI will also be displayed on top of the list.

I have selected a TB and I do not see the AIs of its WGs?

Ensure that the “Include sub groups” box is ticked.

Can I update the details of several AIs?

Yes, select “Full view / Search”, from the list tick the box on the left of each concerned AI. Additional options (All, None, Read, Unread, Starred, Unstarred) can be used to tune the selection. Then select [More], “Edit selected action item(s)” to update details, according to authorisation, or add notes

I am updating the details of an AI and I can’t save it?

Ensure that all mandatory fields, marked with a red *, have been filled in.

I have added a note and I would like to update it but I can’t?

Only TB Officials or ETSI Support Staff can update a saved note. Please contact one of them for update.

After saving the AI, the “Due by” date appears in red, is there anything wrong?

Absolutely not, it is just an indication that the date is earlier than today’s date.

Can I easily select/access preferred AIs?

Yes, simply click the “star” on the left of the AI reference. The “star” will turn into yellow and will be added and saved to the Favourites list for later consultation.

Can I add rich text to the details of an AI?

Yes, most of the text fields enable font attributes and HTML format.

Why some AIs are displayed in bold and others in regular font?

When you see an AI for the first time, either from the portlet or the full view, or when an AI has been updated by another user, it will appear in bold. Once the details of an AI are displayed, the font then turns to regular.

Can I export data from the Action List application?

Yes, from the full view, click the “Export to CSV” link and the displayed list or the selected AIs will be saved in a separate file for further use.

I have saved the link displayed from the chain icon in my bookmarks and I get “This information is restricted to logged users” when I attempt to use it?

You must be logged in to the portal before being able to use the saved queries.