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The contributions tab available to each TB/WG and displays latest contributions for selected group(s) in the body selector.

Contributions portlet image

List of contributions

The following columns are displayed in the "contributions" portlet:

  • UID: this is a Unique IDentifier used to identify contributions.
  • Type there are 8 main types of contribution
  • For : Information / Discussion / Decision
  • Status: the contribution state machine page list the possible states and their position in the workflow.
  • Meeting: meeting to which the contribution is linked. If more than one meeting, then only the first allocated one is displayed.

Note: Clicking on a column header will change the displayed sort order.

Download Contributions

Individual document download

Any contribution that is available can be downloaded by clicking on its ID.

If the contribution is not public, a login will be required before accessing the file for download.

Bulk document download

When logged onto the portal, it is possible to download contributions in a zip file containing several documents.

In order to do so, select one or several available contributions and click on the Download link. Alternately, a Select all link selects all available contributions displayed on the page

Links to contribution main application

New Contribution

This link allow the user to choose the type of contribution and then leads to creation screen

Full view

This button links to the contribution main screen, displaying the same list of contributions than in the portlet view.

Display and Navigation

Number of items displayed

The number of contributions displayed on each page can be 20 (default), 40, 60, 80, 100 and all contributions.

Navigation between pages

Navigation between pages can be performed by clicking on Previous and Next links at the bottom of the page.